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Earnings Determine Market Price
We believe that it is logical and rational that in the long run, investing success is directly proportional to the operating success of the businesses invested in. ... more

Investment Discipline
EDMP, Inc. is a fundamental investment manager that believes in the long-term ownership of superior great businesses, rather than market timing or other stock market strategies. ... more

More About EDMP, Inc.
Review our other site...more

Innovative Charting
Our fundamental EDMP, Inc. Fundamental Analyzer™ allows us the ability to graphically look at the fundamentals behind a business, which is the source of its long-term stock price performance. ...more

Tools to Use
Price Earnings Ratios explained. ...more
  Famous Quotes
Quotes Great investors such as Ben Graham, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch have led the way and proven this strategy with real world superior results. Their philosophies and ideas are worth listening to, and will lead to long-term investing success. ...more

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